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Embrace Spirituality (free sub) – If you feel life has gotten too physically weird and mundane, this sub can bring you to the next stage of your personal, mental and soul’s journey while embracing the spirit world and your own personal spiritual side. You will feel all the other dimensional spirits that exist and mildly re-align with your life’s purpose through the use of this audio.

Hand of God (free sub) – Personal journey into knowing yourself and what it means to truly understand God personally without anything else stopping you from knowing pure and very deep cosmic truth. Will guide you to understanding your own spirituality, building your inward confident when it comes to your true personal beliefs, and shifts out the negative and false mental and emotional ideas that simply do not serve you.

Intuition Booster (free sub) – If you have ever wanted to enhance your intuition so that you could see the future and feel into situations better – this is exactly what you need. You just know and feel into the universe more, and you can feel if your own life is on track or not, with everything just coming together better than you would have imagined.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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