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These are exceptionally different and powerful audios that can bring your life and world into a whole new level and plateau of reality…

Nothing about these are so small or insignificant, so these subliminals are given their own little section so that you know that these can potentially pack some extra punch –

Listen to each audio for 1+ hours a day, with 60 minutes being the recommended minimum per day – 30 minutes being the absolute minimum recommended per day.


Life Clarity & Personal Success – Brings you to understand yourself, what you want out of life, then shifts your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be far more positive and upbeat in general. Causes you to release from past tension and negativity in such a way that you can move forward with success and removal of negative money beliefs leading you to build a better financial life (must be listened to for 30 days minimum).

Bullet-Proof & Divinity – This is where life and death meet…where you want to embrace heaven with and without knowing your limits and what it really means to be reborn (without religion). This includes the hand of god and very deliberately intense spiritual experience that will bring you to a new level of emotional strength and internal power, while also giving you some success and a gradually growing bullet proof mindset that you can achieve anything that you wish, almost without boundaries. You decide what happens in your life, and everything will simply fall into place – and the gods themselves will meet you to guide you toward your ideal destination (must be listened to for 60 days minimum).

Prosperity & Ultimate Manifestation – Everything will gradually shift and change in your life, almost without reservation – and nothing will stay the same as you become a massive magnet for everything you truly want and need over time, and your ideal life shifts into place. This is not about small or insignificant shifts here – we are pulling back our old possibly very regrettable life choices and decisions and going full out to understand and know that everything is going to be incredibly and amazingly different as we create it all, going into the the near and far future (must be listened to for 60 days minimum).

Business Master & Success Magnet – Sometimes nothing about business is simple or easy, but this will audio you will push your mind and reality to your new limits as you reprogram yourself from the bottom upwards and understand how to create the most successful and masterful business enterprise you could have hoped for. Everything in your financial and money life will change, very likely for the better as you pull out all the stops to create the most powerful and ideal business life you could possibly imagine.

School & Career Toolkit – Shifts your brain and mind to learn easier and in some cases, faster and smoother – so that you can learn and remember whatever you need faster and easier without having to struggle to recall whatever it is that you need. Also guides you to know and understand where you best and most fit in the proper career so that everything just flows and fits together perfectly, where you learn and understand everything that you need – and you also shift everything out so that you are brought to know and move yourself toward the proper career, if that is a question or problem.

Cosmic Understanding & Dance With The Angels – Nothing is or will ever be similar when you have the knowledge of who you truly are, and why you are here on this planet. Everything will be shifted and changed for the better as you shift your mind and life out and make your life a truly magical experience – dancing with the angels and other god-like spirits that exist all around us. You will finally understand more about who you are and why you are here on this planet. Also guides you to reach down deep spiritually and bring yourself to the height of spiritual and physical success and comprehension about what this life is about.

Understand The Invisible Hand of Reality – Finally get your piece of the truth puzzle as you understand big brother, and everything that goes along with that battle of our universe and our cosmos in general. You will also understand what tools and life enhancing devices you can use to protect yourself and make yourself better prepared so that big brother and all other evil forces don’t derail or damage your life too deeply – you will grow in understanding and confidence very fast as everything finally makes sense but you are more awake than you have ever been. Includes mild success and mind & mental clarity.

Occult Connection & Spirit Understanding – If you like to talk to and work with spirits, this is perfect for you as you move yourself along reality to get a better life and shift various situations with the spirits guiding you along. There’s no guarantee, but you might even hear the spirits better over time – understanding what they intend for your life and everything will just be a lot freaking different moving forward.

Understand Myself & My Role In This Universe – You will gradually and quickly start understanding what it means to be a citizen of this planet, star system and universe when everything comes together and you figure out how to finally and efficiently live your life – quickly and easily, without any questions or hindrances that might otherwise prevent you from knowing who you truly are and what you’re meant to do on this planet.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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