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Productivity & Motivation (free sub) – Causes you to feel and experience a spike in motivation and productivity that lasts as long as you listen to this subliminal. Helps you focus in on whatever is most needed in your life and guides you to become far more positively productive and motivated in general about your life and getting things done.

Motivation & Persistence (free sub) – Brings you to be far more persistent and into whatever it is that you need to work on, be part of, or just do in general. Guides you to be far more motivated to start and just be in mildy productive motion to get things started and done in a far more reasonable amount of time.

Enjoy Socializing & Being Around Others (free sub) – For those who want to get out more and just be more fun in general verbally, socially and however else might make things a little more fun in general. You won’t be forced out of your comfort zone but you will enjoy yourself more when you go out to have fun and you won’t be or feel nearly as anxioux or awkward being around others.

Build Greater Discipline (free sub) – Enhances your will power and ability to keep focused when you most need it for work, personal matters and intimate life – or whatever else you need greater general work ethic, will power and mild motivation to get started and done. Also works to keep up good and positive habits that you need to sustain over time – gradually builds up your general will power and discipline when used for at least 30 days.

Become More Organized (free sub) – When life gets messy we need some order and control, and nothing gets better or easier to manage than a neatly organized and well managed life. That’s what this sub can bring you and take your life in general to a whole new place of organization without much if any clutter and neatness.

Rebound Negative Energy From Others (free sub) – This is a cleverly masterful subliminal that reverses and rejects all the negative energy you might have thrown at you from others – whether they be friends, family or loved ones, and brings you calm peaceful serenity, with a bit of happiness and positivity thrown in. They can’t harm you emotionally, mentally or any other way and you will see all that crappy energy rebound on them as they begin to feel the full weight of their words, thoughts and actions over time.

Neutralize Bad Luck & Misfortune (free sub) – Sometimes we know we’re in a nasty period of negativity and just flat our misfortune, and we need a way out. But subliminal mildly guides us to understand why we have bad luck or misfortune and directs us to fix things – then shifts our emotions and mind so that we are better able to see the good and positive in life, thereby heavily reducing the effect of that nasty period on our lives.

Remove That Black Horrendous Cloud (free sub) – If your life feels like absolute crap and…possibly worse, then you might want to know why that is so that you can change things for the better. This guides you to understand and know why your life might be so crazy and hectic – and possibly just downright negative and cruel, then guides you to very practical and powerful solutions to help make everything better.

Express Yourself Better & Smoother (free sub) – Causes your brain, mouth and verbal skills to sync up more so that your thoughts are a bit clearer and you just say what you mean, almost without any confusion whatsoever. This can be the answered prayer for a lot of people who have the right thoughts, but can’t easily put them into verbal words when they want to. This can seriously and tremendously help.

Deal With The Devil (free sub) – No one has to know you’re using these audios, and that especially goes for this one. If you know you need to release from a past of negativity and just really bad stuff in general (or just a little bit) then this subliminal will help you finally move on and out with your life so that you are emotionally and mentally moved on from the past.

Remove The Cult Mentality (free sub) – Sometimes we grow up with a system of beliefs that we just don’t want or remotely need anymore, and this audio can help you change your entire emotional mindset and beliefs away from whatever lingering but annoying beliefs you hold from the past that you feel prevents you from moving forward and finally and truly being yourself (minimum 30 days of listening required).

Destroy The Herd Mentality (free sub) – Enables you to move on and comprehend what you were either consciously or accidentally almost agreeing with without meaning to – then brings you to understand how that happened and how you can move on from all of that in the future, bringing you mildly stronger beliefs that align more with who you are, then shifts out your emotions and thinking to be more forward reaching.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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