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Love & Relationships

Get Ready For The One (free sub) – Prepares you and gets you all cleared out and ready to meet your spouse for a long term relationship. This doesn’t get your long term romantic lover (soulmate) into your life, but it prepares you so that you don’t have any glaring or massively lingering problems that would and could easily derail a good relationship if you had one right now. This simply gets you ready for them when you feel the time is ripe for change.

Move On From Past Relationship (free sub) – Breakups and other seriously horrific romantic or even friendships can be very nasty and just downright terrifying at times. We all want to just move on and know…very often we don’t care how they’re doing and we just want to be alright, and this can help you do that. This can help you literally and honestly, mentally and emotionally move on from any past relationship – romantic, loving or not – so that you can finally get on with your life.

Get Along Better For Relationships (free sub) – This works for relationships of all types and guides both people – even and especially romantic partners, to become more understanding, compassionate and loving in general so that peace reigns and you all just get along better. Works for 2+ people in a single situation.

Transcend Love & Sexual Issues (free sub) – This brings you to move beyond your past and understand your all of your historical issues regarding love and sex – then guides you to move on from it all with closure, peace and anything else you need to live a happy and healthy love and sexual life going forward.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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