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Life Purpose & True Path

Life Clarity & Personal Success (free sub) – Brings you to understand yourself, what you want out of life, then shifts your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be far more positive and upbeat in general. Causes you to release from past tension and negativity in such a way that you can move forward with success and removal of negative money beliefs leading you to build a better financial life.

Awakening & Life Breakthrough (free sub) – Causes you a very deep and earth shattering experience that doesn’t really hold back in the normal ways you might be used to…

This is very uncommon and allows you to know yourself and your life almost completely without reservation – because you know and understand that life isn’t what you make of it, and that’s just how everything gets when you turn up the lights and the fields of light just almost blind your vision…

We have to understand that a life breakthrough is a very startling experience, and one that we seriously just need to wake up to in a very startling and mind bending (almost) sort of way. We don’t need to completely and fully understand life to benefit from stuff like this, but it will be majestically helpful when our lives and our worlds in general just finally make sense.

Manifest My Destiny (free sub) – This sub puts the law of resonance and attraction to work so that you are using everything that fate has given you (your current life) and you shift all of that out so that you actually have a life that you have always desired and way (free will). Nothing will be what you think, because reality has to shift pretty significantly in some cases to get you to where you need to be – but it can happen if you know exactly what you want (and that will be revealed to you) and how exactly to get there (exposed and revealed almost entirely). If you know that you can bring yourself to the next level, but you just need a little guidance – this will shove everything into motion so that all of that can finally actually pull into full gear.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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