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Emotions & The Past

The Release Method (free sub) – Guides you to subconsciously and deeply release from troubling and emotionally intense past events and situations where you have horrible memories and emotions pop up, thereby allowing you to personally free yourself from those nasty memories and negative emotions. Then guides you into a far bright, stronger and more resilient future full of more positive emotions, thoughts, beliefs and general life outlook.

Emotional Strength & Life Success (free sub) – Builds up your emotional and inward power so that life challenges and seriously crazy events cannot easily rock you, then guides you to be a lot more resilient and powerful in general – with the mindset and understanding that you will achieve everything you focus on long term and removes severely negative and limiting beliefs from your mind. You are brought to a new level of personal and general achievement, and you know that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence (free sub) – If you have ever wanted to just know others and yourself better, what better way to get that done than to open your mind, heart and brain to far deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You will also mildly have your intuition opened up so that you can understand and read situations easier, with your emotional understanding of yourself and others deepening over time.

Open Yourself Up Emotionally (free sub) – Guides you to understand and almost enjoy your emotions rather than keep them pent up and reserved continually – which you know cannot happen. Sometimes you just need to feel into your life and what’s going on within your own mind, and you will see and feel how everything just comes together with your own emotional understanding of yourself and mildly of others.

Stop Negative Thinking & Emotions (free sub) – Brings your thinking, general beliefs and emotions to a much more positive level where you stop acting and thinking so negatively on a daily and continual basis. Guides your life and actions to be far more positive without horrible thoughts and verbal expressions of negativity.

Let Go of The Past (free sub) – Enables you to understand past mistakes and negative situations in a way that brings you moving forward and away from all the historical negativity that was once in your life – directly or indirectly. Guides your thinking to let go and release from the past so that you can move forward completely and successfully.

Move On From The Past (free sub) – Guides you on understanding why things happened in the past that cause you pain and discomfort, then brings you to move on from the things that seriously give you pain, discomfort and severely negative emotions that don’t seem to ever go away. This can help to reduce the pain and help you move on.

Stress Reduction & Emotional Control (free sub) – Drastically reduces your stress from whatever the source might be, then guides you into deep emotional control and release so that you don’t get stressed out so much and so often. Then brings you into a period of reflection and emotional reflection so that you can understand why you were so stressed out and guides you to control those emotions far easier.

Remove The Hatred Within (free sub) – Brings you to fully and almost completely move on and release that deep into craziness that brings you to hate…whatever. This might even be based on prejudice or something even possibly worse – but you will feel that deeply inner release, and it will shift you from the outside in – and nothing will be as negatively similar to the past going forward.


If you would like any of these subliminals, please email me directly at the address provided below so I can send you the audio tracks directly (this is done in order to prevent abusers and spammers)…

Send email to: heavysm@gmail.com

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