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Custom Subliminals

Here you are enabled to craft and create (through me, of course) – the perfect subliminal audio that fits your needs completely.

As long as you are willing to list all of your topics, issues…etc, then i can fit some very powerful and empowering audios to help you deal and resolve all of that so everything just turns out very well as you listen to your custom sub more –

If you would like some guidance – please refer to the video below to help you decide what topics to cover and how to let me know exactly what you want, or even generally what you want in your personally created subliminal track…

If you need some ideas for creating your subliminals, please refer to the premium and complimentary subliminals below…



The price for a single custom subliminal is $30 paid either through paypal or CashApp (Cash.app).

If you are a US client and wish to pay with CashApp (Cash.app), my cashtag is: $donaldjohnsonjr

To use Paypal, you can send payment to the following url:


…or contact me for a custom order and an invoice.


If you have any questions please email me at…