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Complimentary Subs

Introduction / instructions…

These subliminals are here for you to sample and try out my products and services before you ever lay down any money to buy…

You are free to try and listen to any of these audios for as little or as long as you want – and it is up to you how deeply ridiculous your life radically shifts as my sound technologies shift and bend your reality and life into something a little better…or even just a little more ideal –

Listen to each audio for 1+ hours a day, with 60 minutes being the recommended minimum per day – 30 minutes being the absolute minimum recommended per day.

They may be listened to through whatever you have – headphones, earbuds, speakers etc and may be played on repeat / loop while you sleep to get all of your listening in if you happen to have a busy day where you cannot easily listen actively…

Just understand that these can cause devastatingly powerful shifts in your life, world perception and realities in general – so be warned, but listen well, because everything is going to be different very soon, and only time will tell how deeply invigoratingly intense everything will end up –


Deep Heal – Incredibly deep detox of everything from your present and past with deep and cleansing release of the negativity of your past with positive outlook, and mental clarity, insight and mild intuition boost to help balance everything out.

Hand of God – Personal journey into knowing yourself and what it means to truly understand God personally without anything else stopping you from knowing pure and very deep cosmic truth. Will guide you to understanding your own spirituality, building your inward confident when it comes to your true personal beliefs, and shifts out the negative and false mental and emotional ideas that simply do not serve you.

Stress Reduction & Emotional Control – Drastically reduces your stress from whatever the source might be, then guides you into deep emotional control so that you don’t get stressed out so much and so often.

Confidence & Self Esteem Booster – Brings you to see the best of yourself, while others take notice and respond positively to how you are in general. Also guides you to know and understand your true self worth so that you know how to enhance yourself in the future.

Become Positive & Upbeat – Guides your thinking and life outlook to be generally very positive so that your beliefs aren’t so dark or negative, and your general thinking quickly becomes good and positive.

Reduce Anger & Hatred – Drastically calms down your emotions so that you aren’t so heated and negative in all situations that matter. Also guides your thinking and emotions to be level even when others around you or situations come up that can or would trigger you to blow up.

Overcome Fear of (whatever) – This is a dynamic and seriously powerful sub because it enables you to understand why you have this fear, and it reduces and eventually removes the fear itself while targeting other tangent negative emotions around that topic or subject so that you also target the shame and guilt, angst, frustration, anger, hate etc which also tend to reside around very fearful things that we avoid.

Sadness & Emotional Relief – The best of us get bogged down by horrific periods and days just like everyone else, but this sub will help guides your personal beliefs, emotions and thinking into happiness, positive thoughts and beliefs, while also shifting your life outlook into something far more positive and beneficial for your general health.

Prosperity Spark – We all want massive amounts of wealth and never ending streams of income…but how about that initial shift that lets us feel and know that we’re now on the right track – bringing us onto that new road of a renewed mindset of what exactly it takes to become truly prosperous, abundant and finally plentiful with money. This is a power packed subliminal for those who want to take their financial life into a new direction.

Life Opener & Breakthrough – These two ideas are not the same thing, but you will gradually and quickly realize what you need to do in life and this will guide you to finally knowing and understanding what you’re finally meant to do in life. Also very helpful for situations and life predicaments where you are either idle or have no idea what to do or where to go.

Deal With The Devil – No one has to know you’re using these audios, and that especially goes for this one. If you know you need to release from a past of negativity and just really bad stuff in general (or just a little bit) then this subliminal will help you finally move on and out with your life so that you are emotionally and mentally moved on from the past.

Remove The Cult Mentality – Sometimes we grow up with a system of beliefs that we just don’t want or remotely need anymore, and this audio can help you change your entire emotional mindset and beliefs away from whatever lingering but annoying beliefs you hold from the past that you feel prevents you from moving forward and finally and truly being yourself (minimum 30 days of listening required).

Get Ready For The One – Prepares you and gets you all cleared out and ready to meet your spouse for a long term relationship. This doesn’t get your long term romantic lover (soulmate) into your life, but it prepares you so that you don’t have any glaring or massively lingering problems that would and could easily derail a good relationship if you had one right now. This simply gets you ready for them when you feel the time is ripe for change.

Destroy The Poverty Mentality – If you have a lot of weighed down and limiting beliefs from your past preventing you from gaining abundance, cash flow and prosperity in general – this subliminal will push your mind, beliefs and world past all that crap that used to hold you back.

Resolve & Understand The Issue – Very simple but incredibly effective audio for resolving past issues, problems and challenges that you honestly don’t know how to fix, understand or resolve whatsoever – and this pushes everything into the next level of fixed, understood and completely resolved so that whatever it was isn’t a problem anymore. Works for even incredibly complex and devastingly ridiculous situations, events and issues that you have no idea can ever be resolved or fixed up.

Understand Math & Numbers Easier – No one knows, but you don’t want people to guess that you might be bad with mental math. This amps up your mind and brain just enough so that you get whatever basic and moderately complex math that previously perplexed you – or just took too long term mentall understand easily.

Express Yourself Better & Smoother – Causes your brain, mouth and verbal skills to sync up more so that your thoughts are a bit clearer and you just say what you mean, almost without any confusion whatsoever. This can be the answered prayer for a lot of people who have the right thoughts, but can’t easily put them into verbal words when they want to. This can seriously and tremendously help.

Move On From Past Relationship – Breakups and other seriously horrific romantic or even friendships can be very nasty and just downright terrifying at times. We all want to just move on and know…very often we don’t care how they’re doing and we just want to be alright, and this can help you do that. This can help you literally and honestly, mentally and emotionally move on from any past relationship – romantic, loving or not – so that you can finally get on with your life.

Rebound Negative Energy From Others – This is a cleverly masterful subliminal that reverses and rejects all the negative energy you might have thrown at you from others – whether they be friends, family or loved ones, and brings you calm peaceful serenity, with a bit of happiness and positivity thrown in. They can’t harm you emotionally, mentally or any other way and you will see all that crappy energy rebound on them as they begin to feel the full weight of their words, thoughts and actions over time.

Neutralize Bad Luck & Misfortune – Sometimes we know we’re in a nasty period of negativity and just flat our misfortune, and we need a way out. But subliminal mildly guides us to understand why we have bad luck or misfortune and directs us to fix things – then shifts our emotions and mind so that we are better able to see the good and positive in life, thereby heavily reducing the effect of that nasty period on our lives.

Remove That Black Horrendous Cloud – If your life feels like absolute crap and…possibly worse, then you might want to know why that is so that you can change things for the better. This guides you to understand and know why your life might be so crazy and hectic – and possibly just downright negative and cruel, then guides you to very practical and powerful solutions to help make everything better.

Embrace Spirituality – If you feel life has gotten too physically weird and mundane, this sub can bring you to the next stage of your personal, mental and soul’s journey while embracing the spirit world and your own personal spiritual side. You will feel all the other dimensional spirits that exist and mildly re-align with your life’s purpose through the use of this audio.

Understand Your Finances Better – If your cash and numbers often just don’t make any sense, then you will not believe how ridiculous it can be when everything simply comes together and you know your budget, numbers and have all of your bills tidied away much faster. Helps you to understanding and comprehend your budget, numbers and how everything adds up much easier and better.

Become More Organized – When life gets messy we need some order and control, and nothing gets better or easier to manage than a neatly organized and well managed life. That’s what this sub can bring you and take your life in general to a whole new place of organization without much if any clutter and neatness.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence – If you have ever wanted to just know others and yourself better, what better way to get that done than to open your mind, heart and brain to far deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You will also mildly have your intuition opened up so that you can understand and read situations easier, with your emotional understanding of yourself and others deepening over time.

Transcend Love & Sexual Issues – This brings you to move beyond your past and understand your all of your historical issues regarding love and sex – then guides you to move on from it all with closure, peace and anything else you need to live a happy and healthy love and sexual life going forward.

Stop Negative Thinking & Emotions – Brings your thinking, general beliefs and emotions to a much more positive level where you stop acting and thinking so negatively on a daily and continual basis. Guides your life and actions to be far more positive without horrible thoughts and verbal expressions of negativity.

Let Go of The Past – Enables you to understand past mistakes and negative situations in a way that brings you moving forward and away from all the historical negativity that was once in your life – directly or indirectly. Guides your thinking to let go and release from the past so that you can move forward completely and successfully.

Remove Learning Blocks & Limiting Beliefs – Guides your thinking and emotions regarding learning whatever you need to be free from any blocks, limiting beliefs and lightly boosts your mental clarity so that you can work and learn much easier and quicker.

OCD Reduction & Mental Focus – Though I cannot promise a full removal with this subliminal, we can heavily reduce OCD and mental chatter and chaos – then bring you more mental focus and concentration so that your mind and brain and hone in more on what you need, rather than get distracted by all of the crap you don’t need.

Motivation & Persistence – Brings you to be far more persistent and into whatever it is that you need to work on, be part of, or just do in general. Guides you to be far more motivated to start and just be in mildy productive motion to get things started and done in a far more reasonable amount of time.

Enjoy Socializing & Being Around Others – For those who want to get out more and just be more fun in general verbally, socially and however else might make things a little more fun in general. You won’t be forced out of your comfort zone but you will enjoy yourself more when you go out to have fun and you won’t be or feel nearly as anxioux or awkward being around others.

Build Greater Discipline – Enhances your will power and ability to keep focused when you most need it for work, personal matters and intimate life – or whatever else you need greater general work ethic, will power and mild motivation to get started and done. Also works to keep up good and positive habits that you need to sustain over time – gradually builds up your general will power and discipline when used for at least 30 days.

Present Yourself Without Problems – Often we find that we cannot easily talk in front of others, even friends – without getting brain fog, stuttered or slow speech, and we often end up saying stuff that doesn’t completely match up with what we wanted or were thinking – and that can be a big problem. This guides you to express your ideas and thinking far better without much if any hesitancy and you end up presenting your thoughts and ideas very well.

Get Along Better For Relationships – This works for relationships of all types and guides both people – even and especially romantic partners, to become more understanding, compassionate and loving in general so that peace reigns and you all just get along better. Works for 2+ people in a single situation.

Productivity & Motivation – Causes you to feel and experience a spike in motivation and productivity that lasts as long as you listen to this subliminal. Helps you focus in on whatever is most needed in your life and guides you to become far more positively productive and motivated in general about your life and getting things done.

Intuition Booster – If you have ever wanted to enhance your intuition so that you could see the future and feel into situations better – this is exactly what you need. You just know and feel into the universe more, and you can feel if your own life is on track or not, with everything just coming together better than you would have imagined.

Move On From The Past – Guides you on understanding why things happened in the past that cause you pain and discomfort, then brings you to move on from the things that seriously give you pain, discomfort and severely negative emotions that don’t seem to ever go away. This can help to reduce the pain and help you move on.

Move On From Past Relationship – Breakups and other seriously horrific romantic or even friendships can be very nasty and just downright terrifying at times. We all want to just move on and know…very often we don’t care how they’re doing and we just want to be alright, and this can help you do that. This can help you literally and honestly, mentally and emotionally move on from any past relationship – romantic, loving or not – so that you can finally get on with your life.

Get Along Better For Relationships – This works for relationships of all types and guides both people – even and especially romantic partners, to become more understanding, compassionate and loving in general so that peace reigns and you all just get along better. Works for 2+ people in a single situation.

Remove The Hatred Within – Brings you to fully and almost completely move on and release that deep into craziness that brings you to hate…whatever. This might even be based on prejudice or something even possibly worse – but you will feel that deeply inner release, and it will shift you from the outside in – and nothing will be as negatively similar to the past going forward.

Open Yourself Up Emotionally – Guides you to understand and almost enjoy your emotions rather than keep them pent up and reserved continually – which you know cannot happen. Sometimes you just need to feel into your life and what’s going on within your own mind, and you will see and feel how everything just comes together with your own emotional understanding of yourself and mildly of others.

Destroy The Herd Mentality – Enables you to move on and comprehend what you were either consciously or accidentally almost agreeing with without meaning to – then brings you to understand how that happened and how you can move on from all of that in the future, bringing you mildly stronger beliefs that align more with who you are, then shifts out your emotions and thinking to be more forward reaching.

Emotional Detox – Guides you to release and let go of severely and greatly intense memories and emotions from the past, then shifts your negative thinking out for more a positive life outlook and understanding of your world.

Erase Sexual & Erotic Mental Dysfunction – If you yourself or anyone you know has obvious or lingering sexually related problems that you know originates or stems from a mental thing that they can’t get rid of (such as…not being able to last very long in bed, not being able to fully orgasm regardless of circumstance, not being able to express their love to romantic partners fully and easily, not being able to get aroused either alone or with their partner etc). This might not seem like a heavy hitting audio at first, but once you get those nasty lingering negative thoughts and beliefs out of your life, you might be amazed at how well everything just happens to work out, with your sex related life just smoothly coming together…

Stay Calm In The Middle Of Chaos & Catastrophe – Enables you to be almost completely and totality resilient in the face of chaos and life meltdown / disaster – where everything might be on fire and literally honestly just dying away, falling completely apart, with the earth shattering in half and aliens coming down with the devil himself coming out of no where to collect wicked souls…

This audio can bring you mental and emotional serenity and a calm mind in the middle of chaos, life catastrophe and relief from the feeling that the world and/or your life is ending, and that’s no joke sometimes – because life can get mind numbingly intense even at the best of times, but this audio can help you with all of that.

Enhance Relationship Passion & Sex – This is a big deal in general for the couples and people who don’t really have that ability to speak or talk to their significant other openly and truthfully about their intimate lives – because that is a big red flag in itself, and nope – we cannot allow any of this lack of intimate or sexual contact to move forward in the relationship, and that’s where this sub kicks in. We have to embrace a healthier and more responsive sex and intimate life, and this audio will remove the blockages that you and your partner have – likely indirectly and directly for either of you, and things won’t be so bad going forward – because your blocks and negative beliefs will have been removed, and things can only get better (play over speakers during sleep so that both partners can experience this audio equally, minimum 30 days listening).

Encourage Easier & More Routine Reading – Almost everyone wants to read more and understand with lingering comprehension…which is called memory and remembering stuff, and this subliminal can help remove your mental and emotional blocks that you have toward reading so that everything just flows well from the book, article or whatever it is – right into your memory banks and mind. Guides you to also build up a more regular reading and – if applicable, learning routine – such that everything you do in your world somehow revolves around what you’ve learned and your reading isn’t just so your brain doesn’t fall apart as you age, but also for real life practical application – and you’re reading to actually make your personal life a little easier and better.

Stay Organized & Productive – This can be a very enlightening audio to behold when your life and house is full of clutter – and you have work at your job, and at home – with cleaning things up and forgetting to get certain things done, this subliminal can bring everything together neatly and organized over a very short amount of time so that you are not disorganized whatsoever. And that doesn’t have to happen tomorrow – it can happen today, as long as you want real change in your mind and your life, this audio can bring you luck and fortune as it pertains to getting your laundry done asap, and the dishes put away – clean and tidy.

Kill The Urge To Scream – When life gets hairy and rough and you’re not sure what to do, this audio can bring serenity to your mind and peace to your soul as you battle silently and in passive discussion…likely with people you don’t remotely care for or get along with, and nope – life will immediately feel and almost taste better as you no longer want to kill the whole situation and light everything on fire. Because you were damn near forced into those situations, and you don’t like that, and this sub will also help prevent lots of future very regrettable and tense situations from possibly popping up with you as part of it – in whatever way, shape or form that might pull you into things.

Awakening & Life Breakthrough
– Causes you a very deep and earth shattering experience that doesn’t really hold back in the normal ways you might be used to…

This is very uncommon and allows you to know yourself and your life almost completely without reservation – because you know and understand that life isn’t what you make of it, and that’s just how everything gets when you turn up the lights and the fields of light just almost blind your vision…

We have to understand that a life breakthrough is a very startling experience, and one that we seriously just need to wake up to in a very startling and mind bending (almost) sort of way. We don’t need to completely and fully understand life to benefit from stuff like this, but it will be majestically helpful when our lives and our worlds in general just finally make sense.

Manifest My Destiny – This sub puts the law of resonance and attraction to work so that you are using everything that fate has given you (your current life) and you shift all of that out so that you actually have a life that you have always desired and way (free will). Nothing will be what you think, because reality has to shift pretty significantly in some cases to get you to where you need to be – but it can happen if you know exactly what you want (and that will be revealed to you) and how exactly to get there (exposed and revealed almost entirely). If you know that you can bring yourself to the next level, but you just need a little guidance – this will shove everything into motion so that all of that can finally actually pull into full gear.

Career & life Success – Brings you to feel, understand and see how exactly you can enter and succeed at your career or chosen vocation – then guides you to understand how to maximize life success in your own way. This is an active audio where you have to follow the mental programming that this is instilling into you, and that won’t be a problem as long as you are open to massive life changes that literally reset your beliefs and thoughts about success and what it means to be happy within your money life.


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